Terms And Conditions

These terms and conditions establish a legal contract between the company (PlayWise365) and the customer (players). So, It is strongly advised to read this carefully. By accepting the terms and conditions, you are bounded by these terms as well as with amendments which may be done in future.

For further queries, you can contact our dedicated customer support team.


The company possesses the authority to enact revisions to the terms and conditions and is obligated to provide prior notification regarding the revised terms and conditions. In instances where the alterations are deemed insignificant, the company is not obliged to notify its users of said changes. Should you have any reservations concerning the modified terms and conditions, you have the option to discontinue utilizing our service through termination provisions. Prior to the implementation of the modified terms, we will seek your explicit acceptance. By providing your acceptance, you will continue to receive uninterrupted service. Sustained use of the service will be considered as your acceptance of the modified terms and conditions.

You are bounded by the following obligations:-

  1. You must have to agree with all terms and conditions for using service.
  2. You must have to be over the age of majority (18 years) and legally capable to enter any legal contract.
  3. You must use the services legally. You should check your jurisdiction before using.
  4. You must use the services in the country where online services are legal.
  5. You must not be a resident of a country where online services are prohibited.
  6. You must make payments with an authorized source, i.e. Debit/credit or any other method.
  7. You should never fail to pay your liability.
  8. Engaging in commercial activities is strictly prohibited. It is imperative that transactions be done strictly on an individual basis.

Compliance with NCPR/NDNC

By registering on our website, you hereby grant your consent for the utilization of telephonic and/or electronic means of communication (including audio, and written communications) through any media, by our staff and our representatives. This consent extends to contacting you utilizing the contact information you have provided to us, as well as delivering our services to you remotely.

By providing us with your contact number, you grant us the authority to make calls to that number.   Furthermore, you affirm that irrespective of your contact number being registered on the National Customer Preference Register (NCPR) or National Do Not Call Registry (NDNC), any calls or SMS sent in response to your request shall not be considered as Unsolicited Commercial Communication. It should be noted that the content of such calls may pertain to the provision of information regarding our company, including our new products, services, offerings, and so forth.

Terms regarding Registration

  • We reserve the right to refuse the application of registration of any party and we are not bound to provide any specific reason.
  • It is mandatory to complete the registration form and accept the terms. You also must provide your valid ID for verification purposes.
  • Acceptable forms of identification include a national identification card, a valid driver's license, or a passport, any one of which may serve as a valid ID proof. Additionally, a utility bill that prominently displays both your name and address can be utilized as substantiating evidence.
  • The company possesses the authority to impose limitations on a player's account in the event that any of the aforementioned documents are absent.
  • Make sure that you provide valid information like valid name, address, and email to company.
  • Please ensure that any updates pertaining to the aforementioned information are accurately provided. We will rely on this information to establish contact with you.
  • It is the responsibility of the customer to keep his registered email id secure from third party, company will not be accountable to any kind of loss and damages in this regard.
  • Company has "No Tolerance policy" against any kind of fraud. If you intentionally provide any false document, then your account will be suspended immediately and legal action can also take place against you.
  • one player is only allowed to maintain one account. If we found two or more accounts from the same household, ID, address, and device, then all your accounts will be suspended immediately.
  • For security purposes, it is recommended to keep your password safe and confidential. Change your password on a regular basis.
  • The password must meet the following criteria: it should be a minimum of 8 characters long, consisting of at least one letter, one number, and one special character
  • It is the customer's responsibility to keep their password safe and secure. The company is not accountable for any loss related to this. 
  • It is recommended to log out of the account at the end of every session.
  • If your registered account, Email, Address, or any other confidential address get hacked by a third party then you should immediately inform us for this so that we can suspend your account.
  • At the time of registration, you have to choose your preferred currency for transactions like payment, withdrawal, or other services.


Make sure you are not using the service for the following reasons:- 

  1. If you are under the age of majority (18 years) and not capable of entering any kind of legal contract.
  2. To leak any kind of information of our customer for any purpose.
  3. To spread negative influence of our services, customer, or operation.
  4. To promote any kind of commercial advertisement.
  5. To cheat and fraud with customers and operations.
  6. To spoil our odds or violate any rights.
  7. For any illegal activity.

If we find any account involved in any above-mentioned activities, then the account will be terminated immediately and legal action will also take place against them.


Terms regarding Privacy

  1. We keep all our customer information very confidentially and strictly under high security.
  2. Our company follows the policy of "NO DATA SHARING WITH THIRD PARTY". But in some cases, we may give information to competent authorities like regulators, police, or finance companies like banks, if required.


Policy of your account

  1. Choose your preferred currency while doing the registration process and use that currency for further transactions of your account.
  2. A credit option is not available for our service.
  3. If we find you to not fulfill any of our terms or attempt any kind of fraudulent activity with us, then we will suspend your account without any prior notice.
  4. In the event that any transactions are made using fraudulent means with the intention of disrupting our operational processes, it is within the prerogative of the company to exercise its rights to decline, limit, or annul the aforementioned transactions.
  5. We will cancel all your transactions and suspend your account for violation of our terms and conditions.
  6. It is your responsibility to inform us in case of any amount overdrawn and you shall be in debt to us for the amount overdrawn.
  7. You have rights to self-exclude yourself, If you don't want to continue with our service.
  8. Customers have rights to limit the amount that they want to transact. It will be executed after a cooling-off period of 7 days.


Terms regarding deposits  

  1. You can deposit funds with any payment mode in your chosen currency.
  2. We charge some fee on customer's deposits and withdrawals which is mandatory to pay. At the same time, you are also responsible for your bank charge, which may incur due to having transactions with us.
  3. Your deposited fund will be credited to you only when we get an approval or authentication code from our payment institution.
  4. Make sure that you don't use any kind of illegal gain for doing transactions with us.


Terms regarding withdrawal

  1. You have the right to withdraw any preferred amount from your account.
  2. It is recommended to do withdrawals in your chosen currency.
  3. Company has rights to ask for your documents for verification purposes at any time, especially at the time of withdrawal.
  4. It is recommended to use debit/credit card or the payment method for withdrawal as same that you use for original deposit. It is there for additional security checks.
  5. If you are getting any kind of problem in withdrawals, you can contact our client support team.


Terms regarding errors

  1. In case of any error in our system all placed transactions will be cancelled. It is your responsibility to inform us about any error if it takes place.
  2. We are not responsible for any kind of your losses and third party's losses if it occurs because of errors.
  3. Company has rights to recover the overpaid amount if any. you are liable for debt of the unpaid amount.


Principle rules

  1. The general rule will not apply in the situation when service-specific rules and general rules are inconsistent.
  2. The winner of the event will be announced after the end of event, result will be disclosed after 72 hours. No further queries will be entertained after 72 hours.
  3. Only the company has the right to fix the minimum and maximum transaction amount on any service. No prior notice will be given to customer for this. We can also edit the limit of individuals.
  4. It is the responsibility of customers to check the transaction account thoroughly. Company will not entertain any kind of dispute issues.
  5. Company has rights to restrict or remove any kind of its event, market, and product without giving any prior notice.
  6. Determined winner will be declared as winner for transaction purposes except in the case where minimum number require for future transaction is incomplete.


Terms regarding communications or notice

  1. You can get all important notice and information through these terms and conditions or posted on our website or sent to your registered e-mail address.
  2. It is recommended to use English language for all communication purpose.
  3. For any queries, you can contact our client support team.



The company shall not be held responsible for any losses or damages arising from circumstances beyond our control. These circumstances encompass acts of nature, pandemic diseases, trade disputes, power outages, government actions, delays in telecommunication services, and delays caused by third parties.



  1. If we find that you are underage and using our sites, then your account will be suspended immediately.
  2. If you are found acting as an agent for someone who is underage (below 18 years) then,
  3. All your winnings from your account will be reserved.
  4. You must pay all the gains that you may have achieved while being below 18 years with the service.

These conditions will be applicable to them also, who are over the age of majority but below the legal age for using according to his jurisdiction.


Terms regarding fraud

  1. Our company follows "NO TOLERANCE POLICY" against any fraud. So, If any fraud or malpractice is attempted by any customer, then he/she will be liable for all the losses and damage of the company. Company can also take legal action against such users.

Terms regarding intellectual property

  1. The exclusive rights to utilize the name "PlayWise365" for commercial purposes are vested solely in the company. It is important to note that we possess both the logo and name of PlayWise365 as duly registered trademarks in accordance with applicable legal regulations.
  2. This URL (uniform resource locator) is owned by us. Any unauthorized use of this URL in any other digital platform or website is not permitted.
  3. We exclusively hold ownership over the rights, services, and business system in question. Furthermore, we possess the sole authority to make modifications to them.
  4. Make sure you are using your personal profile for your own commercial gain.
  5. We have the right to remove your selected nickname if we found it to be inappropriate.
  6. Please ensure that our URL, trade name, and services are not utilized in conjunction with any other service, as such actions will be regarded as unethical and unfair practices.


Terms regarding your license

  1. After the agreement, we will provide you with a license which is non-transferable, non-exclusive, and limited. Make sure you use your license for your personal purpose only (not for any commercial purpose). License will be terminated after the end of the agreement.
  2. It is not allowed to modify or alter any information or content of the service given to you for any purpose.


Terms regarding your conduct and safety

  1. For your privacy and security, the company considers any inappropriate and unlawful posting as prohibited behavior. If we find you to be engaged in prohibited behavior in any way, then strict legal action will be taken against you.
  2. Ensure that you abstain from engaging in any activities that are deemed prohibited, such as:
    • Commission any illegal activity.
    • Spreading any computer viruses.
    • Violating our customer's rights.
    • Harming minors.
    • Disturbing our service in any manner.
    • Collecting our data from any false practices.
    • Join our service from any fraudulent motive.
  3. If you possess knowledge of any individuals engaging in prohibited activities with our service, we kindly request that you promptly notify us. Please be advised that appropriate legal measures will be pursued against such individuals.

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Sign Up and Deposit

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Win prizes

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Safe Withdrawals

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Our Clients

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I must say that Playwise365 is best platform for live game. The experience I get here is unforgettable. I have never seen live game with so many jackpot slots in any other platform. It is appreciable.

Jai N, Hyderabad


Playwise365 have fastest cashout feature. I play number of games and play there and win a lot of money. And the most impressive part is that I get my money just within few hours.

Ratish, Kanpur


If you want to play real Game by sitting at your home, then this site is best for you. Comfort of live game and live card game with live dealer gives thrill of real money game. well done Playwise365.

Raj, Indore



At Playwise365, we are dedicated to creating a safe and equitable environment for all players. We closely monitor all games to ensure fair play.

Withdrawal requests are typically processed within 12 hours of submission. Each request undergoes a comprehensive review to ensure compliance with our strict fair play policy.

For withdrawals exceeding 100k, we conduct a thorough review in collaboration with the game provider before processing. We are committed to ensuring a secure and fair gaming experience for everyone, and no effort is spared in this endeavor.

You may be wondering if there will be any TDS (tax deduction at source) deduction if you withdraw your winnings on the PlayWise365. The answer is no - there will be no TDS deduction on your winnings. So, you can withdraw your winnings without any worries!

No limit in winnings and withdrawal however, PlayWise365 allows up to 1 withdrawals per day i.e (5:30 am - 5:29 am) without charges. For the 2nd and subsequent withdrawals in a day, a 3% withdrawal fee is applied on each transaction.

The minimum amount a user can deposit on PlayWise365 is INR 500. This is a great way to get started with gaming, and it gives you the chance to try out the site before committing to a larger deposit.

The Bonus Policies on the PlayWise365 state that bonuses are locked and 2% will be released on every INR 100 spent on Live Casino games. This means that for every 100 spent on Live Casino games ,Rs.2 bonus will be unlocked and available for use. The remaining bonus will continue to be locked until the total spending threshold is reached.

At PlayWise365, there are two types of bonuses available – Earned bonuses and Locked bonuses. Earned bonuses are the most common type of bonus, and they're usually pretty easy to get. These bonuses can be used to place bets immediately.

Locked bonuses are a bit more complex, but they can be extremely lucrative. These bonuses are usually converted into earned bonuses after you've wagered a certain amount of money. Once the wagering requirements are met, the bonus amount is converted into an earned bonus, which can then be withdrawn. 2% will be released on every INR 100 spent on Live Casino games on the platform. This means that for every 100 spent on Live Casino games, 2 bonus will be unlocked and available for use. The remaining bonus will continue to be locked until the total spending threshold is reached.

If you get disconnected from the PlayWise365 for any reason, you will not lose the game. The game will be automatically saved and you can resume playing from where you left off the next time you connect.


In case of any error, kindly contact the support team and they shall help resolve it.

If you want to play Live Casino, you will need:
-A decent Internet Connection
-An account on our platform.
-Once you have these things, you’ll be ready to start playing Live Casino! 

If you are experiencing difficulty logging into your PlayWise365 account, there are several potential solutions that you may wish to consider. 

-It is advisable to ensure that you are entering your login credentials correctly, as a simple typo or error in the phone number or OTP used can prevent successful login.

If the above mentioned solution does not resolve the issue, it may be prudent to contact the customer support team for assistance in troubleshooting the problem.

If you're looking to get in on the action of online betting, Playwise365 is your go-to site. We offer a wide range of betting markets, from sports to casinos, and everything in between. You can bet on your favorite teams, players, and events, and get in on the action from anywhere in the world.

We also offer live betting, so you can keep up with the game and make your bets as the action unfolds. And if you're new to online betting, our friendly and knowledgeable support team is always on hand to help you get started.

So why not sign up today and start enjoying the best online betting experience around?

Benefits of Playing Your Bet at Playwise365

  • Access to exclusive bonuses and promotions: As a member of Playwise365, you'll have access to exclusive bonuses and promotions that you won't find anywhere else. 24/7 Customer service: The PlayWise365 customer service team is available 24/7 to help you with any questions or concerns you may have.


  • Get fast payouts: With our committed team of financial experts, we process all withdrawal requests as quickly as possible so you can get your money fast. Betting on live events: Live betting allows you to get in on the action as it happens, and there’s nothing quite like the thrill of watching your bet come in. Can PlayWise365 be surpassed by any other online betting site? As an online betting site, PlayWise365 offers many features that appeal to customers looking for a reliable and fair place to gamble.

Here's why:

  • PlayWise365 offers a wide variety of games, including slots, table games, video poker, and more. There's something for everyone at this site.
  • The site's software is top-notch, providing a smooth and reliable gaming experience.
  • PlayWise365 offers generous bonuses and promotions, making it a great value for your money.
  • Customer service is responsive and helpful, so you can always get the assistance you need.
  • They also offer a fast payout so that you can get your winnings as soon as possible.
  • Another great feature of PlayWise365 is the ability to bet on live events. This allows you to keep up with the action and make sure you're making the best possible bets.

In short, PlayWise365 is a great choice for an online betting casino site. With a wide selection of games, excellent software, and great customer service, you can't go wrong with this site

Yes, you will find an authentic gambling experience with real dealers at Live Casino. This means that players can interact with the dealer and other players in real-time, just as they would at a land-based casino You can interact with the dealers and other players just like you would in a live setting, making for a truly immersive experience.

To claim a Welcome Bonus on PlayWise365, you must first ensure that you are a registered user on the platform. Once you have successfully registered, you can proceed to make a deposit on the site. You will be eligible for 100%, 50% & 50% Locked Bonus respectively on your First three Deposits.

It is important to note that the Welcome Bonus is subject to certain terms and conditions, which must be adhered to in order to claim and use the bonus effectively.

In order to withdraw money, there are a few things that you will need to do. First, you will need to login into your account and click on the 'Withdraw' button in the left navigation panel. You will then need to select the amount of money that you would like to withdraw and select your preferred bank account. Once you have done that, you will simply need to confirm your withdrawal and the money will be sent to your account within a few hours.
If you can't launch the Live Casino, your Flash player may be blocked. To fix this, you need to allow Flash to run on the website. Here's how: 1. Open your Flash settings by clicking the icon in the top right corner of your browser. 2. In the Flash Settings panel, find the casino website in the list of websites and click "Allow." 3. Close the Flash Settings panel and try launching the Live Casino again.
In order to participate in a Live Casino on Playwise365, you will first need to create an account. Once you have done so, you will be able to log in and access the Live Casino lobby. From here, you can choose the game that you would like to play and then follow the instructions on how to join the game.

The PlayWise365 offers a wide range of payment methods to choose from. You can use UPI to make payments directly from your bank account, or you can use manual bank transfers to make payments from any other account.

This website is operated by PLAYWISE OPERATIONS N.V. registered at Zuikertuintjeweg z/n (Zuikertuin Tower), Willemstad, Curaçao with the number: 162105

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